The reality of Human Consciousness – How to deal with coronavirus pandemic

It is time to be active and conscious light warriors

The reality of Human Consciousness, Love and Faith.

It is time to be active and conscious light warriors.

Today the coherence that exists in human nature is globally tested. It is one of the hardest lessons the world has had in decades. Because we have pushed the productivity of this planet to the limits, we have forgotten our quality of life, of what makes us humans, sons of this Earth, within each expression of life in our souls.

The administrative human system of this planet is prepared for personal, familiar and group catastrophes, even for national disasters in which cases funds and international helps are prepared to intervene. These funds are available under conditions and requirements that are not necessarily fair; however the reactive potential is there.

But the reality is that we are not logistically prepared for a global pandemic, such as the coronavirus, for a global food shortage, for a third World War (enough that a crazy self centred individual would press a red button). We have equally seen that we are not even ready for a global diarrhea (a little humour does not hurt). Neither are we ready to cope with the fear these matters make us feel.

Today, it is with awareness, social responsibility and love for the others that we must act. The true spirituality does not reside in any building, group or movement, it is not in the social media, but in the soul, who you are, in your centre, not in appearances, there is your light, there you are …but if your courage is supported by the perfection of your acts, or the expression of your emotions what is your worth? Your worth has to do with who you are, not only with what you do, although there must be a coherence, however erring is part of the apprenticeship that we all go through in this planet and each expression of life.

Flor de conciencia humana

How easy to judge others in this planet! If there is some kind of prejudice, or bad vibes against someone, or against your ex (just a joke) neither do we listen to what they have to say even if true. This happens because you listen to your ego and your fear, you are not listening with your heart and with your soul.

What kind of human are you? If you only look at, and listen to what feeds your ego? You will tell me that is the human nature? However, my Masters and I will tell you that is the nature of ego and fear that have taken control of Humanity. However, this has been going on for so long that it looks natural, but it is not. Are you going with the flow or will you make a difference?

Why do we look outside for what we have inside?
You are there, where nobody sees you, where you do not get approval or recognition, where there is no ‘likes’. Many think that there are better people, more handsome, kinder, just because the approval or fame they have. And the majority, unconsciously, look for following this pattern of eternal success. But what about your inner life, your real value, where is it? Of course you will not find it outside.

Happiness cannot come from outside, do not forget the most important: your inner world. From there you can go outside. Base your actions in the form but from the heart.

A lot of different Masters around the world say: pray where no one sees, ask and it will be given to you because where nobody sees you, you are with God.
But in the current crisis, who is asking from the heart? Asking is the consequence of a necessity which comes from the recognition to need support.
And our free will is sacred, so no one will give us if we do not ask. Did Jesus ever heal someone who did not look for him or asked for help?

And it is true, my human family, today we need help, we need divine intervention for our personal life and also for the global situation, and we have to ask from the heart. This help may come in a practical way, in the form of illumination from a ruler or a scientist, but asking directly from the heart; and in order to materialize in the shortest time, we must ask with faith.

The certainty that the solution comes, is to ask with faith and then wait with confidence.
You do not have to burn your eyelashes asking, ask only once with faith,
Are the masters or God perhaps deaf, busy with other things or do not listen to you?
Just ask once with strength and faith and the help will come soon.

Marcos Guerrero en Tulum

But let’s get practical it is because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (for me and some researchers) which was created in Laboratory, released intentionally and got out of control. After asking, while you wait with confidence and optimism that they find the solution, we must save time:
Take care of yourself; wash your hands and avoid social contact, think not only for yourself but for the others, because while the solution comes it is important to control the infection variables. Also have food and water reserves, and if you go out, do it if it is strictly necessary and follow the recommendations of the health services. Taking care of yourself and caring for others is not being afraid, it is having awareness and love.

And very importantly, counterattack this virus and its implicit fear, spreading love hope and joy. It is proven that these positive feelings increase immunity. Meditate, think positively, eat healthy, read, work remotely if possible and have daily physical activity. Make your daily Lemurian reconnection if you know it, it only takes 2 minutes.
Pray if you wish, ask according to the faith you profess, no matter the way but let it be with love and faith, without fear.
Breathe, smile, read, and see positive things on the web; also ask for therapy if you need it.
Some therapies like the one we practice at Code Lemuria can be done remotely, many of my students are doctors or work in health services and corroborate that the therapy works with excellent results.

Everything around us is energy and it has been clearly demonstrated that our mind can influence our physical environment, literally this has been known since 1810 and physicists know it today. Immunity and almost every disease have an associated psychosomatic factor, so attitudes are very important to health.

Love God, the source of everything, with all your strength and your neighbour as yourself. This is what the Master Jesus indicated that is real love.

Finally understanding, do integrate the above, and do the Mayan saying “I am you, you are me” (“in lakesh a la ken”), or My heart in you heart ( Ai mahatu kia koe of the Polynesians).

I am sure we will get out of this situation with a great learning opportunity for everyone and for the humanity as a whole.

This message is for release should you feel it, taking into account the authorship. You can also find it in Spanish and French.

I ask for light and discernment for your mind and your heart.

With sincerity and a familiar hug,

Marcos Guerrero
Code Lemuria®